Meine My Vision

“Imagine then a dancer who… has attained such a degree of understanding that his body is simply the luminous manifestation […]

MCArrieta – Who I am?

MCArrieta on microphone

Ich bin Biodanza-Didaktik-Facilitator und meine Quellen sind zahlreich und wertvoll: Das Vitale ist mein Selbst, mein Körper in Bewegung, meine […]

Who I am?

MCArrieta on microphone

Since 1979 MCArrieta has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work. After completing her Master in Psychology at […]

My professional life

Dance of Life Process – MCA

I was beginning with Biodanza trainings in 1988. the first two Professional Development Trainings took two years to accomplish. 1988 […]

My professional life (mehr Biodanza)


Post Education I provided post education teachings for different applications and extensions of the Biodanza System in collaboration with qualified […]