Definition of Biodanza

Biodanza is the great poetry of a great poet, Rolando Toro-Araneda, who knew how to reveal the sacred in existence and all life. A poetry of the eternal moment of human encounter in the here and now; a simple expression of the saint, gentle and understanding.

Biodanza is a system that has a positive effect on the expression, integration and development of human potential. This system is based on the implementation of integrated vivencias in the group with the help of music, movement and singing. His name came from the composition of the prefix “bios” (life) with the word “danza” (in its original meaning: a systematic movement full of sensation). At Biodanza we dance a combination of exercises with music derived from a theoretical-operational model.

The exercises, individually and interactively, are designed to stimulate and allow each person’s healthy proportions to gradually restore the natural harmony of the organism, to improve communication with others, and to re-establish the original relationships with nature.

The music is selected according to criteria of musical semantics. It should liberate integrated emotions through the movement. The result is a picture of the implicit movement in all living things: “Biodanza, the dance of life”.