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Celebrate – Inspire Yourself – Dancing into New Year

A dancing Path of Present, Passion and Empowering!

Life is the best fiesta you have been invited to. It’s up to you if you dance or if you stay seated!

La vida es la mejor fiesta a la que te han invitado. ¡Depende de ti si bailas o si te quedas sentado!

PuraVida! Born of the desire to give space for the time of transition, the time in between – between what was and what is coming.

How did I experience this year? What did it give me? What did I do? What were obstacles?
What are my heartfelt wishes for the now blossoming year?

Pura Vida! is a space to ask questions and to listen to the answers of the body. To hear the sound of our heart – the most powerful of all answers. And to feel that you are alive! And when you are alive, anything is possible …

Life is movement, it is dance; Joy is that miracles of love to celebrate.

Welcome to Pura Vida! Welcome to the pure life!

Our beautiful program

Dancing together the momentous way into the New Year and preparing the ground for a vibrant year. We will move in all directions, expanding and opening our lives to love. Dancing is a natural movement, a constant flow of being in the now that opens up new consciousness in us.
We feel the art of living in us that lets us shape and make us feel and that allows us to share a protected and loving space with others.

We start on Saturday night, celebrating life together, welcoming each other and allowing our hearts to feel the warmth of sharing – time and life can flow freely in us.
We will consciously enter a room where we are welcome exactly as we are now; a space in which we feel at ease and free to express our own movement – we take ourselves and everything that happens in us, in the same moment was easy.
What we met during the year, we will dance on Sunday. With gratitude, we will lovingly accept all that was, and then let go, which is no longer ours – to be able to start afresh.
To open ourselves to the inspiration, wishes and dreams of our journey, we continue to dance: on Monday (New Year’s Eve) we will give shape to our visions and find clear words for the experiences we are ready for next year.

Happy New Year!

In a ritual at midnight we powerfully invite our wishes to come true – and then we celebrate “Pure Aliveness – Pura Vida”!

On the first day of the new year, we dance our life-fire, our enjoyment and our joy – just as you are on New Year’s Day, so you will be over the coming year!

Finally, in a ceremony of thanksgiving, we say goodbye to each other and send each other out into the world.

MCArrieta Porteña (Girl from Buenos Aires), Argentina, Dipl.-Psych. MCArrieta, Pioneer and Founder of the Biodanza Movement in Germany since 1984




Sat: one Vivencia
Sun: two Vicencias
Mon: two Vicencias and ritual
Tue: one Vivencia and say goodbye

We will start Saturday, Dec 28, 7 pm
We plan to finish on January 1st around 4pm


290 € additional 4x accommodation and food
Registration is still open for a couple of days! You can still register for PURAVIDA 2019!

Prices for one day U/V pro Tag mit Vollverpflegung*

280 € DZ (4 x 70 €)
260 € MBZ (4 x 65 €)

Seminarhaus Kapellenhof offers you simplicity and comfort. Accommodations are designed to support your program, without the distractions. Your meals are prepared by people who care deeply about the health of the planet and our bodies — and they are passionate about creating Ayurvedic touched food.

download our PuraVida Flyer (German)


PuraVida and Biodanza in general need no prior knowledge. The desire to dance, the joy of movement, the openness to experience new things, to engage in our community for these three days and to meet each other are the only requirements. We dance barefoot.

We chose the seminar house Kapellenhof in Hammersbach near Hanau, because with its lovely atmosphere, its excellent food and its beautiful dance room, all the ingredients for a great workshop delivers. New Year’s Eve for couples and for singles.

Biodanza Silvester Dance Retreat 2018

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Dec 29 - Jan 01, 2022


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