Biodanza Festival Switzerland

Biodanzafestival Glarisegg 2021

Dance & Celebrate with us
Alegria Biodanza Festival in Glarisegg

¡Awakening Passion For Life!

Celebrate Vivencias with all Facilitators from the Biodanza Network. The Passion and fire of the ending summer – this is the Alegria Biodanza Festival in Glarisegg. It is highly inspirational with it is full dynamic as wild and energetic. We are dancing in communion with our hearts. Together we celebrate love and life and share our experience it’s about to feel our self and our breath.


Its new, its fresh, its different

The Festival will start Friday at 7pm Jun 17 with communal dining
We will end on Sunday, Jun 20 around 4pm.

Festivalticket costs 200 Franks plus lodging and boarding. Food and accommodation are mandatory and shall be book via Schloss Glarisegg reception.

very proudly presents by MCArrieta supported by the lovely and vivid team of Facilitators of the Biodanza Network

¡Music and dance for every Body!

Many different lodging options available.


No previous Biodanza experience required.
You do not have to follow certain steps: just take your shoes off and dance who you really are. “There is only one rule – you cannot do it wrong.”
Interested in self-growth and consciousness
Open to learning and growing with others

What to bring?

Comfortable stretchy clothes for dancing and changing
Water bottle for refilling, Glarisegg provides a drinking Fountain

Wake up people and dance! You do not have to follow certain Steps: just take your Shoes off and dance to celebrate the fact that you are alive!!

Ways to participate at the Biodanza Festival?

You can participate in the entire festival: Thursday – Sunday
If you can’t start Thursday we have the option that you join us Friday to Sunday
To check in Thursday and Friday from 4:00 p.m. and begin 8 p.m.



Schloss Glarisegg

Jun 17 - Jun 20, 2021


Schloss Glarisegg

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