• Biodanza Festival Switzerland

  • Steckborn

    Aug 14 - Aug 16, 2020

    Ignite fire inside, dance who you are, develop your potentials, connect with your group & beyond. Vivencias, beautiful music, deep rituals, energizing movements

    Biodanza – Dance, Music, Rituals. Experience the Power of Here and Now

    Biodanza – Dance, Music, Rituals. Experience the Power of Here and Now in Your Body

    To channel the spirit of the life force and connecting it to the heart into self love by giving ourselves permission to do what makes our hearts truly express! What the world really needs is a floodgate of flourishing – shining beings, expressing joy, love, and courage, living fully on purpose! Let’s rise-up, dance and make a positive contribution to the world around us!

    – MCA

    Dances of celebration, transformation and existential creation

    We’d like to dance all the movements that open our lives to love.

    Like a mother caring and nurturing the inner space to grow and experience, we want to create a new space for the human family in which it is possible to be yourself and to strengthen your inner light to all To let talents flow into the universe.

    I believe that dance, in the sense of the natural movement of life, is a constant flow of experiences that creates new consciousness; to live an art in which we feel and are in a protected and harmonious space with others.

    Shamanism is an ancient art of healing and balancing – with Mother Nature, with the inner healing of the planet, with the inner healer of your family, and finally with yourself.

    We are moving into a new dimension of new paradigms, a dimension that is needed in this transitional period of the planet.

    Music is the natural language that connects us to the rhythm of life. Movement is the way to experience all that we can feel and to learn to be all that we are. And movement is, after all, the awakening of the intention of our emotions and the mind to immerse ourselves in the universal consciousness of love. That’s what it takes to restore the world order of peace, health, well-being and love that people have lost in themselves. It is time to wake up together to fulfill the dream of love of this universe. This universe that wants to stretch into eternity to achieve spiritual enlightenment and physical happiness. Let’s dance to fill the world with joy and to fully develop our creative and healing potential!

    I would like to invite everyone to try it only once and then be in the midst of the joy of the heart – to be celebrated, respected and loved. Love yourself – your life is what you have!

    Only you can do it for you.

    There is only one who can move in your body and your mind.

    There is only you who can feel the spirit of divinity.

    There is only you who loves life and lets it flow through his heart and soul.

    If not now then when?

    If not you, who else?

    If not here … where then?

    The Dance of Life gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in the most positive, sweetest and most gentle way: to bring out who you really are. In your power, in your mind, with all your senses – and with your love for the journey of your life.

    Be the best you, what you can be – in every movement of your life! Be the highest, deepest and most compassionate being. Be the healer of your own life and of the new planet that you want to experience and enjoy – for you and for future generations.

    Come and dance to bring your new life into the world!

    Come and dance to give birth to your new life!

    Dipl.-Psych. MCArrieta international Didactic Facilitator, Pioneer and Founder of the Biodanza movement in Germany

    ¡Wake Up People and Dance with MCA!

    MCA brought Biodanza to Germany. She creates the Biodanza movement here in Germany and beyond. She creates deep dance experiences between creativity and healing, dance and transparency with. She loves music and movement, therapy and art. Her passion – set free the enjoyment of the movement. Experience the pleasure of feeling, moving in space as a potential of expansion, development and growth. To be alive and to pulsate, to show the world your own greatness.

    Since 1984 she has been totally committed to Biodanza. Biodanza – a System to develop and enfold human potentials with dance, music and poetry in groups. She was the one who founded Biodanza in Germany and pioneers the whole Movement.
    She creates passionately collective experiences and invites you to join her.

    True Talent*True Artist*True Visionary.

    Biodanza helps us learn and develop our potential in a fun, group, and in connection with life forms. Through music, dance and encounter allows us to express our emotions and recover the pleasure and joy of being alive. It is a body-experiential system that seeks harmony and intensity in relation to ourselves and our environment. Biodanza ultimately helps us in the process of making our lives what we really want to do it. Health, joy, and effortless living are the side effects of being all of who you are. Lets go on a journey from where you are to who you truly are!

    “Imagine then a dancer who… has attained such a degree of understanding that his body is simply the luminous manifestation of his soul; whose body dances in accordance with a music heard inwardly, in an expression of something out of another, profounder world. This is the truly creative dancer; natural but not imitative, speaking in movement out of himself and out of something greater than all selves.”

    Isadora Duncan